The family and friends of Alexander Villa, are in hopes of someone coming forward with any information leading to a murder that occurred on the night of December 29, 2011 in the Division and Austin area. 

A reward is being offered for any information leading to his innocence. 


We have created this page in hopes of shedding light on the many innocent families who's life have been damaged by the Police Officers of Chicago's 25th District.

The 25th District Police Officers have a violent history of abusing their power; resulting in falsely closing cases, and colluding with state prosecutors. 

You can reference the resource page to read other wrongful convictions stories and news articles tried by the same state's attorney and officers involved in Alex's case. 


The case page will show the following evidence; medical records, erroneous eye witness, tattoo photo and video comparison evidence.

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You can contact us directly with anything that may help free Alex or others who have been wrongfully convicted. 

My name is Alexander Villa and I am suffering from a wrongful conviction involving the murder of an off-duty, Chicago Police Officer who was working as security at a convenience store. On February 28, 2019, the jury on my trial ruled a guilty verdict against me. I am scheduled for sentencing for a crime that I DID NOT commit and for which there is no evidence proving that I did.

I am begging for the public to  assist in  overturning this wrongful conviction that was ruled against me. I am a father of two young children; a daughter who is fourteen years-old and a son who is eight years-old. I have already lost several years with my children that I cannot get back. 

I've missed out on life changing moments in my children and families life .   I am the youngest of four and it kills me to watch my mother suffer through a glass for something I did not do.  

I am in custody at the Cook County Department of Corrections..  What I am seeking is ultimately an exoneration from this crime or legal assistance aimed at protecting rights that have been taken from me during detectives’ and prosecutors’ course of investigation and at trial.  

I have maintained my innocence throughout this experience, there is no evidence in this case supporting the guilty verdict, and there are circumstances, including prosecutorial misconduct and legal errors, that influenced this wrongful conviction. 

 I am also a victim of a shooting that took place shortly before I was charged with this crime and medical records prove that I have had reconstructive surgery on my left hand, required physical therapy, and lacked the agility required to glide over the counter as the shooter of this crime did. Also, there is no proof that I was at the scene of the crime. A cell phone that I owned at the time that this crime took place, was taken into police custody and ironically, later, the State was not able to recover it. Cell phone records indicate that I was on the opposite side of town from where and when this crime took place. As previously mentioned, I have maintained my innocence throughout this experience. There is no evidence in this case supporting the guilty verdict and there are circumstances, including prosecutorial misconduct and legal errors, that influenced this wrongful conviction. I ask that you Please vindicate me. 


Alexander Villa